Beyond Bechani: UX Engineering as a career

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Mr Beyond Bechani is a UX Engineer by profession that is a curious, passionate, enthusiastic and problem-solving young man. With over 7 years of industry experience, he is now the Head of Design at Creative Director at Revixions and Co-Founder of UX ZIM. Previously, a Digital Marketing Manager at Calm Being and a Digital Consultant at Bridging The Gap International.

He focuses on designs that add value to brands and audiences and has gained experience across all design disciplines such as: advanced knowledge of end-to-end processes with extensive experience in UX and UI, specific to product development amongst others.

Tell us more about your career.

I have been in the field for 5 years, specialising in creating intuitive and visually appealing user interfaces for digital products. Throughout my career, I've had the opportunity to work with diverse clients and companies, honing my skills in crafting seamless user experiences.

Over the years, I have developed a strong understanding of user-centered design principles and have kept myself updated with the latest design trends and emerging technologies. I thrive on collaborating with cross-functional teams, including developers and product managers, to ensure that designs are not visually appealing but also technically feasible and aligned with business goals. Looking ahead, I'm eager to take on more challenging projects that push the boundaries of UI/UX design. I'm particularly interested in exploring the integration of immersive technologies such as AR and VR, into user interfaces to create more immersive and engaging experiences for users.

Additionally, I'm committed to continuous learning and staying ahead of the rapidly evolving design landscape. What excites me most about being a UI/UX designer is the ability to combine creativity and problem-solving to shape how users interact with digital products. I'm passionate about creating designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also intuitive and user-friendly, ultimately enhancing the overall user experience.
I hope this provides you with a glimpse into my career journey as a UX engineer. I'm always eager to learn from others and exchange ideas. 

What were you doing before starting this career?

I was a front-end developer, building websites and mobile applications. I was also an entry-level Graphic Designer.

What motivated you to pursue a career in UX engineering?

I was motivated to pursue a career in UX engineering because it combines creativity, problem-solving, and technology. Driven by the desire to create user-friendly experiences, make a tangible impact on users' lives, collaborate with diverse teams, engage in continuous learning, tackle complex challenges, and take advantage of the field's high demand and career opportunities.

What inspires your designs and do personas influence your design?

Design inspiration can be derived from a multitude of sources, each offering unique perspectives and ideas. Here are some common sources of design inspiration:
1. User Research: In-depth research and analysis of user behaviour, preferences, and needs can provide valuable insights that inspire design decisions. By understanding the tart audience's motivation, goals, and pain points, designers can create solutions that address their specific requirements and enhance the user experience.

2. Industry Trends: Staying abreast of the latest design trends, emerging patterns, and best practices within the industry can serve as inspiration. Monitoring what other designers and organisations do can help generate fresh ideas, incorporate innovative approaches, and ensure that designs remain relevant and appealing to users.
3. Art and Visual Aesthetics: Exploring various art forms, such as painting, sculptures, photography, and graphic design, can stimulate creativity and inspire novel design solutions. Artistic expressions can offer unique perspectives on composition, colour palettes, typography, visual hierarchy, influencing designers to think beyond conventional boundaries and create visually captivating experiences.
Regarding personas, they play a crucial role in the design process by representing the target users. Personas are fictional characters based on real user data, embodying their characters, goals, and behaviours. By referring to personas, designers can empathise with users, understand their needs, and make design decisions that align with their preferences. Personas serve as a constant reminder of their target audience's perspective, guiding design to create user-centered designs that effectively address specific user groups' requirements and aspirations.

What are some of the tools you use, and which is your favourite?

Adobe creative cloud, Figma, Webbflow, Sketch. Figma is my favourite.

What has been your experience with the community and Byo Tech Hub meet-ups?

My experience with the community and attending meet-ups at Byo Tech Hub offered networking opportunities with professionals, enthusiasts, and experts. It facilitates learning, knowledge exchange, and exposure to new ideas and industry trendy. Meet-ups provided skill development through networking and activities, inspire and motivate through success stories, and offer collaboration and project opportunities with like-minded individuals.

What have you gone to do since your engagement with Byo Tech Hub?

I have gone to look for more opportunities to share my design thinking ideology and I ran a design workshop.

What is one resolution you have for your career this year?

To be able to host and run a Design Thinking workshop in different companies across Zimbabwe.

Where will you be in 5 years' time?

Should have travelled to at least 3 countries to seek opportunities for professional development, attend workshops or conferences, and engage in self-guided learning to stay at the forefront of design trends and practices. Gotten recognition and establish myself as a thought leader or influencer in the industry. This could improve speaking at conferences, publishing articles or books, or actively contributing to design communities and initiatives. Also work on projects that have a meaningful impact o users' lives or address significant societal challenges. Contribute to projects that make a positive difference, whether in healthcare, sustainability, education, or other areas that align with my values.