Beedesigned Studio

Beedesigned Studio is a digital design agency innovatively making the web useful and enjoyable. We use human centered design methods to provide Web Design & Development, User Experience Design, and Visual Branding. Our work is anchored on building powerful websites and web applications, helping businesses grow while offering enjoyable digital experiences to their customers.

App Development

Beedesigned Studio is a digital design agency that is passionate about exploring new frontiers within the industry whilst giving a nod to the understanding that not all businesses that need our services understand the effects of technology on their target market/end users. Our services are therefore tailored to help businesses find a balance between their business goals and their customers’ needs when interacting with their digital solution.



    • Our dedicated team of web designers blends good looking and engaging aesthetics with a proper integration of human-centric design methods to create responsive and user friendly websites and web apps. We always aim to design and develop websites that match your business goals , drive growth and tell your story.

    • Our approach of doing extensive user research helps us gain valuable insight into the product, the target audience and your business goals. We then employ this understanding into the processes of user persona development, wireframing, user  journey map, prototyping and testing, to bring to life user experience that best serves consumers.

    • We approach brand building with the aim to create in your business, the ability to grow, adapt to change and evolve in the volatile business environment, whilst still maintaining the same integrity that made it stand out from the moment a consumer interacted with your products/services. We then employ this ethos in creating brand logo illustrations, corporate identity, digital illustrations and design systems.