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Our mission is to be the facilitator of free industry knowledge sharing in the Bulawayo tech scene.

About Tech meetup

The tech meetup has been formed at the back of real-life conversations relating to common issues in finding companies delivering digital/tech solutions in Bulawayo. Its founders were hearing about similar challenges in identifying the key players in the industry to deliver their projects, and so believed there to be an opportunity to get people together and get to know who is doing what, share ideas, challenges and help each other to solve them.

For tech professionals

Our meetups are a chance to: find out about interesting projects; meet with other members of a company’s technical team; and learn more about other practices and technical processes.

For companies

Our meetups provide a platform to present their companies to prospective candidates.

For entrepreneurs

Our meetups provide you with an opportunity to connect with tech professionals to build your teams or strike joint ventures with other entrepreneurs.

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Whether you are seasoned or new to tech, this meet up space is for bringing together creative technologists to learn from one another and spur new ideas to improve our communities.

You will have the opportunity to ask questions during the live meet-up

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25th May @ 5:30pm
AddressSouth Wing 2nd Floor Salamaat Building Between G. Silundika and R. Mugabe, Along 9th Avenue, Bulawayo

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